Are you a Witch of discriminating taste?

Do you have an eye for elegance, and a flair for the dramatic?

Are you sick and tired of having tacky magical accoutrements forced upon you?

So sick and tired, in fact, that you'd just as soon sit in a bed of red ants - and not
practice at all - as use them?

If your answer to even one of these questions is a resounding "YES," you are
definitely in the right place!

          Fact is, successful magical practice is a little like good sex. You just can't get the
          job done unless you're in the mood. You have to feel magical to be magical. And if
          you can't find that magical spot within? Well...all that time you spent planning the
          perfect spell or ritual is wasted. All that money you spent shopping for the perfect
          ingredients is wasted. But that's not all: Those perfect ingredients - the very ones
          for which you shopped with such care - are wasted, too. It's enough to make you
          want to pull a Scarlett O'Hara and just go to bed with a wet rag!

          So is there any way to keep this sort of thing from happening? Absolutely! The
          solutions are many and just as varied as the individual practitioner. But one thing's
          for sure: You certainly aren't going to find that magical place - much less become
          one with it - while staring at something tacky. Something that closely resembles
          yesterday's garbage. Something you didn't even want to begin with, but were forced
          to use because there was nothing better to be had. And it's for this very reason that
          Wicked Witch Studios was born.

          It started with a signed and number limited edition series of altar cloths. And as
          time went on, I added handmade handbags, as well as other altar cloths and fabric
          art pieces. But truth be told, you won't find many of those products readily
          available for sale here anymore. Why? Because I simply don't have much time to
          sew these days. And when I do, I make each individual item from start to finish -
          from the fabric selection to the cutting, from the piecing to the hemming.
          Something that takes an exorbitant amount of time, especially when it's my goal
          to turn out a piece of which both you and I can be proud.

          So...what will you find here? Only products that live up to my standards of quality
          and elegance - which I've been told are pretty high - and those capable of producing
          desired results quickly and efficiently. In addition to my line of Wicked Witch
          candles, oils, and sprays, the Hexology spell jars, stunning poppet
          pins, candle inscription tools, and a large assortment of other magical necessities,
          you'll also find my Wicked Witch Mojo Beans coffee line, and some really cool
          licensed Dorothy Morrison products.

          So check out the site and see what resonates with you. You may not find what
          you're looking for. But one thing's for sure: You certainly won't find anything
          even remotely tacky!