At Long Last!

A Line of Candles and Oils Designed To Work Easily and Effectively...
And Without A Lot Of Hassle!

I like mojo. That's because it's the easiest magic on the face of the Earth. You set the tone, name your intent, light the candle, and the magic happens. It's as easy as that.

The real trick - aside from absolute desire for the end result and belief in its manifestation - is using products with the correct ingredients. The stuff that packs enough wallop to make the magic happen. And that's why I contacted my good friends and fellow practitioners, Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw of Coventry Creations when I wanted to do this line. Simply put, they know what works. They know what doesn't. And together, we make a very good team. So...we put our heads together, and spent some time sharing ideas and recipes to come up with a line of candles and oils we knew would produce sure fire results. The sort of results you could count on. And The Wicked Witch Mojo line was born.

The original idea was to just offer the candles. But - with apologies in advance to the guys out there - working effective magic is a little like applying makeup. The foundation smooths and conceals and works it's own sort of magic. But if you really want to morph yourself into drop dead gorgeous, some enhancement is in order. You have to go that extra mile. And that's exactly what the oils do for magic. They're the accoutrements that give it that extra boost of power and energy, and send it soaring off into the Universe. do you use those extra goodies? Well...everyone's different and has their own style. But I like to uncap the oil and take a good whiff to set the tone. And once the fragrance envelopes me, I sprinkle a few drops on my fingers, rub them together, and dress the candle by grasping it in the middle, working my hands out toward the ends, and finally rubbing the oil on both the top and bottom before lighting the wick. But the magical value of the oils doesn't stop there. To keep the magic flowing, try rubbing some on your palms each day, or wearing it as a perfume. You'll be amazed at the results!

That said, check out the fabulous products below. I'm thoroughly convinced they're the very best that money can buy. And once you try them - and make magic happen - I've no doubt that you will, too!

Please note that I ONLY ship to locations within the United States. However, international customers need not despair. The Angry Cauldron has graciously agreed to accept and ship orders for my Wicked Witch Mojo products. Please visit their website for further information and shipping charges.

Please note that shipping charges are already added into the price of individual items. I am more than happy to to combine shipping, though. So when ordering multiple items from this site, it's imperative that you email me first to prevent being overcharged for shipping.

Bitch Be Gone

Are you plagued with nasty neighbors? Being forced to deal with less-than-lovely co-workers? Sick and tired of that gossipy old biddy who not only refuses to stay out of your business, but after embellishing it, can't seem to stop spreading it all over town? While strangling them with your bare hands might seem appealing, there's a better solution. Just treat the problem with Bitch Be Gone! The crap will be gone - and you won't have to worry about facing prison time.

Bitch Be Gone Product Choices

Come To Mama

Come to Mama is the best general attraction formula I've ever found - bar none! Whether used by itself to attract friends, the opposite sex, or just the good in life, there's simply nothing better. But that's not all. It's also a fabulous addition to any magical working to boost the power, attract the desired result, and shorten manifestation time. It's the one product no practitioner should ever be without!

Come to Mama Product Choices

Everything And Then Some

Ahhhh...the sweet smell of success: There truly is nothing better. Unfortunately, though, a good number of folks don't ever find it - at least, not in large amounts. Why? Because for some unknown reason, they don't think they deserve it. Even worse, they worry they'll be thought selfish if they ask for it. And so they stumble through life - wishing and hoping - but never quite achieving all they truly deserve. If this sounds like you, stop right there. Now you can have everything - and then some!

Everything and Then Some Product Choices

Fast Cash

Got empty pockets? Are moths flying from your wallet? Doing your damnedest to squeeze seven cents out of a nickel, and still don't have enough to go around? Well, now there's help! Fast Cash is designed to do exactly what the name implies: Put cash in your hands so quickly, it's enough to make your head spin. [A few drops of the oil rubbed on the palms of the hands and the inside of the wallet also works wonders. ;)]

Fast Cash Product Choices

Flying Monkeys

No one was ever as well-protected as the Wicked Witch of the West. [ least not until that nasty incident with the water bucket. Who knew?!] And her band of flying monkeys did the job. They were on call 24/7, and regardless of the problem, they never let her down. Now you, too, can have the same level of protection. Whether you need to protect your home, your belongings, your family, or something else, Flying Monkeys will do the job in spades. [We've got the water bucket covered, too! ;)]

Flying Monkeys Product Choices

Forever Mine

Still searching for your one true love? That romance of a life-time that brings you to your knees? Already found it, but can't seem to garner that elusive long term commitment? Then it's time to stop letting Cupid - that winged toddler with poor eyesight and even poorer aim - call the shots. Take charge of your love life and put Forever Mine to work, instead. You'll be glad you did!

Forever Mine Product Choices

It Sucks to be You!

Sometimes handling life's problems with sweetness and light just doesn't cut it. You have to take action. Get tough. Speak to those ill-mannered, despicable folks in terms they'll understand. If you don't, they'll just keep making your life a living hell, and reducing it to little more than a miserable existence. And when it gets to the point that you've had all you can stand - and refuse to put up with any more - give It Sucks To Be You a shot. It's the only thing I've found that stops the crap right in it's tracks, and does so with immediacy and finality. [Please Note: While this oil smells heavenly, please do not wear it. You want misfortune to fall upon your target...not you!]

It Sucks to be You Product Choices

Makin' Tracks
Got nasty neighbors? A problem co-worker in the workplace? Maybe just some nasty, unseen Uggabuggas wreaking havoc in your home? Then Makin' Tracks is the thing for you! These amazing products not only work just like hot foot powder, but are much easier to use. How so? won't have to chance getting caught sneaking around someone's house. And there's no need to sprinkle anything in someone's path. It's the next best thing to hiring a moving van and packing those nasties yourself - and a lot less work!

Makin' Tracks Product Choices

Outta My Way

Finding it hard to catch a break? Taking two steps forward, and three steps back? Feeling like no matter how hard you work - nor how hard you try - you just keep hitting a brick wall? Then maybe you need a little assistance. Something to obliterate those obstacles, clear life's highways, and open the windows of opportunity. If that's the case with you, Outta My Way is just the thing. Also fabulous for stirring inspiration and unclogging the creative flow, it's the ultimate magical drain opener!

Outta My Way Product Choices


Tired of things getting in the way of the good life? Ever wished you could just make them - poof! - disappear into thin air? Well can! Whether it's a bad habit or two, a minor character flaw, a troublesome spirit, or even - dare I say it? - a person, Poof! can handle it. This banishing formula works quickly, effectively, and like no other. It's the next best thing to spontaneous combustion - and not nearly as messy!

Poof! Product Choices

Puttin' On The Witch

Are you actually living that fabulous life of which you once dreamt? The one filled to the brim with personal accomplishments, joy and absolute comfort? If not, maybe it's time to reclaim your personal power. How? Just dust off your inner Witch, try her on for size, and wear her proudly. Once you do, she'll offer the tools to help you reinvent yourself, your life, and your circumstances. Empowerment never felt so good - and you'll be amazed at the results!

Puttin' On The Witch Product Choices

Red Stilettos

Need to spice up your sex life? Rekindle a non-existent one? Or maybe just want to take the first step toward heading a relationship toward the bedroom? Not to worry. Red Stilettos can handle the job - and then some! Designed to kindle wild, hot jungle sex - the sort that leaves melted right into a puddle on the floor - this little goody will even have the neighbors craving that afterglow cigarette. ;)

Red Stilettos Product Choices

Shut Your Mouth

Plagued with incessantly wagging tongues? Are nasty insinuations and trash talk wounding your soul and screwing with your life? Is surgical removal of the tongues of those offending parties starting to look like a good idea? If so...stop right there, and let Shut Your Mouth take over! Much more effective than a slap in the mouth - and not nearly as messy as a tongue-ectomy - this great product not only handles the job quickly and efficiently, but with finality.

Shut Your Mouth Product Choices

Tornado Alley

Have you been hexed or cursed, or plagued with some other magical disaster? Then it's time to take action - and Tornado Alley is definitely up to the job. No matter how tough the problem or how strong the magic, this great product renders it powerless and sweeps a clean path through your auric atmosphere. All that's left behind is a feeling of peaceful calm, and the joy of being alive. [It's the best uncrossing formula I've ever found!]

Tornado Alley Product Choices

Wakin' the Dead

Sometimes we need a little help. A little advice. Occasionally, we need a little of both - from someone wiser and more experienced - from someone who understands us better than anybody else. What we really need is a nice, long chat with those who have gone before us - our Ancestors and Sacred Dead - and nothing does the job quite like Wakin' the Dead. Why? Because it's designed to invite, welcome and honor them all at the same time. The only problem may be in reminding them when it's time to go home!

Wakin' the Dead Product Choices

Who's Your Mama?

There comes a time in everyone's life when a little cooperation is in order. When it's absolutely necessary for others to see your point and act in kind. And when you're finally exhausted, out of breath, and black and blue from hitting brick walls? Then it's time to bend the rules a bit, pull out Who's Your Mama, and have them do your bidding! [**Warning: Side effects can include, but are not limited to, incessant worship as "Queen Bitch of the Whole F**king Universe", and a gathering of personal minions. But that's wanted a few minions, anyway. Didn't you?]

Who's Your Mama? Product Choices

Wicked Witchin'

Having a run of bad luck? Does it seem like everything you touch turns to crap? Then maybe it's time for some magical assistance - time to call out the big guns - and opt for a little Wicked Witchin'! Great for gamblers, other risk-takers - business folk, entrepreneurs, and so forth - and for those who just need to turn their luck around, this formula absolutely exudes good fortune! [For best results, opt for the "combo," and wear a bit of the oil every day. ;)]

Wicked Witchin' Product Choices

Wishin' Mojo

Wishing upon a star is a romantic notion that conjures up visions of knights on white horses and other lovely fantasies. Admittedly, it's a fun thing to do. But if what you're really expecting is honest-to-gods wish's a complete waste of time. So don't waste precious minutes. Decide what you really want. Then chart the course with Wishin' Mojo, and bring your heart's desire home to roost. You'll be glad you did!

Wishin' Mojo Product Choices

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