Special Edition Sprays

The Same Fabulous Sprays...
Now in Smaller Sizes...
Perfectly Designed for Traveling and Sampling!

After talking to folks who travel frequently and like to take the specialty sprays with them, it occurred to me that the regular sized 4oz. sprays could prove terribly inconvenient - especially for those who fly. Why? Because only containers of liquids up to 3oz. are allowed to be carried on board, meaning that the full-sized bottles would have to be packed into luggage and checked. And after seeing what airport personnel across the world has done to some of my luggage over the years, I wouldn't dream of putting anyone through the mess that might create.

By the same token, I've also heard from folks who want to try the sprays and see which ones they like before committing to an assortment of full-sized bottles they might never use. I understand that, too, as I've bought tons of stuff over the years only to discover that it wasn't anything close to what I'd envisioned. [Okay...so I've kept the sanitation engineers in business in my area, and given them job security. But that's hardly the point! LOL!]

After thinking both situations over, I finally decided to offer sample sprays in 2oz. bottles. The bottle size is perfect for frequent fliers as several fit easily in the quart-sized plastic bag allowed for carry-on. And it's also just the right size for folks who want to give it a shot before ordering larger amounts. I think it's a great solution - and I hope you will, too.

If you wish to order several items from this sale - or multiple items not listed in an ordering option - please email me first to avoid being overcharged for shipping. [International Customers: Please contact The Angry Cauldron for ordering details.]

Bitch Be Gone Spray

Bitch Be Gone
[Triple X Hot Foot Formula]
[Note: Do not use this product on your body or as a room spray in your home!]

Bitch Be Gone 2oz. Spray Ordering Options

Extreme Bad Ass
[Personal Empowerment Formula]

Extreme Bad Ass 2oz. Spray Ordering Options

Endless Love
[Love, Romance, and Hot Sex Formula]

Endless Love 2oz. Spray Ordering Options

Florida Water
[Cleansing and Blessing Formula]

Florida Water 2oz. Spray Ordering Options

Forever Mine Spray

Forever Mine
[True Love & Commitment Formula]

Forever Mine 2oz. Spray Ordering Options

Four Thieves Vinegar
[All-Purpose Protection Formula]

Four Thieves Vinegar 2oz. Spray Ordering Options

Head Witch
[Magical Enhancement and Spell Amplification Formula]

Head Witch 2oz. Spray Ordering Options

Hot Damn!
[Good Luck Formula]

Hot Damn! 2oz. Spray Ordering Options

[Business Generosity Formula]

Mistress 2oz. Spray Ordering Options

Rich Bitch
[Triple X Cash Flow Formula]

RichBitch 2oz. Spray Ordering Options

Spontaneous Combustion
[Cut-n-Clear Spray]

Spontaneous Combustion 2oz. Spray Ordering Options

Saint Dorothy the Wicked
[Magical Miracle Worker Spray]

Saint Dorothy the Wicked 2oz. Spray Ordering Options

Wakin' the Dead Spray

Wakin' the Dead
[Ancestor & Sacred Dead Invitation Spray]

Wakin' the Dead 2oz. Spray Ordering Options

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