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Non-Limited Edition Altar Cloths & Wallhangings?

What does that mean - and why would I want one?!

Since the items found on this page aren't part of a series, they'll always be available and you can purchase them any time you please. Provided that the fabric hasn't been discontinued, you can order an exact duplicate of anything shown below - or place a custom order in your own personal color scheme. And if that's not enough, I'll even autograph the label on the back of each and every item you buy.

So, how much do these cost? And when can I expect delivery?

While prices vary item to item, shipping and handling is $10.95 via priority mail to anywhere in the United States. If you live in Canada, please email for shipping charges prior to purchasing. [Please note that I ONLY ship to locations within the United States. Since the cost of international shipping would probably cost more than the price of the actual item, I've chosen not to go there. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.]

About delivery...I do my damnedest to ship within two weeks of receiving an order. But depending upon my writing and travel schedules, and how many orders are ahead of yours in the sewing queue - I'm a pretty good Witch, but my fat little fingers can only sew so fast! Chuckle! - it could take up *eight weeks* to finish your order and put it in the mail. So...if you need an item for a specific date, please order early enough to guarantee delivery on time.

That said, check out the goodies below. [I'll be very surprised if you don't fall in love immediately! ;)]

"The Elements Altar Cloth/Wallhanging"
[Backed in black fabric, approximately 41" square; hand washable in cold water]

Sells for $125.00 plus $10.95 shipping and handling

Elements Wallhanging

This representation of all the Elements working together is the quintessential magical manifestation device! Use it as an altar cloth or hang it on the wall. No matter which display method you choose, though, one thing's for sure: Magic's bound to happen with the Elements along for the ride. ;)

*Please note that while the color scheme for The Elements Altar Cloth/Wallhanging will stay the same, actual fabrics may vary due to being discontinued.

Like this altar cloth/wallhanging design - but would absolutely love it in your own color scheme? Not a problem. I can make that happen. Just list your choice of up to five colors or shades in the box below to order.

Color Scheme

"Small Five Star Altar Cloth/Wallhanging"
[Backed in black fabric, approximately 34" square; hand washable in cold water]

Sells for $90.00 plus $10.95 shipping and handling

Ice on the Pond

Great for the altar or the wall, this gorgeous piece just exudes magic - and is available in nearly any color scheme. Just list your choice of up to five colors or shades in the box below to order.

Color Scheme

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